Monday, January 14, 2008

I love the Rocketeer!

Those who know me, know that one of my favorite things is Dave Stevens' creation The Rocketeer. The comic book series is pure comfort reading for me...I revisit the eight issue series a few times a year, and I have a real soft spot for the Disney movie from 1991. I don't know what it is...there's just a part of my brain that is completely at peace whenever I go along with Cliff Secord on his crazy adventure. It doesn't hurt that Dave Stevens has as clean, practiced drawing style that evokes Alex Raymond and Frank Frazetta, and I tend to become wrapped up in anything that's set in the 1930's. Its just so obvious that Stevens has a deep love for the period, and wears his love on his sleeve by referencing the pulp progenitors of his character, be it Commando Cody, The Shadow, or Doc Savage. I can't recommend it enough.

When I began customizing, I knew I wanted to make a Rocketeer once I felt I could do a decent job. Back in the spring of 2006, I finally had what I needed to proceed. First off, fellow customizer extraordinaire and frequent collaborator Joshua Izzo was kind enough to provide me with two key elements: A resin cast of a bendy Rocketeer figure helmet, and a mangled rocket pack accessory from a Muppets 'Super Beaker' figure (which bears a striking resemblance to the rocket design from the Disney Rocketeer film). Combining these elements with a Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure, some epoxy putty, and some leather, I forged ahead and made my plastic representation.
I decided to go with the movie design of the rocket pack because, to be honest, I prefer it to the much simpler look of the device in the comic. The rocket actually required the most work...the majority of the surface detail was resculpted to resemble the prop from the film.
All in all, I'm quite happy with the result.


Eric Orchard said...

This one is amazing, I can't believe where you get the rocket pack. At some point I'd like to do a post on my blog about your customs, would that be OK? Could I use some of your images?

bruce said...

Are you kidding? Of course! I'd be flattered as hell...anything I could do in return? Thanks for commenting...the Rocket was basically an involved modification of something that already had the appropriate basic shape.

Eric Orchard said...

No problem, I'll wait till you have a few more posts up so I have more images to choose from and people will have more to see who visit from my blog.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really superb work on this and love your blog !!!