Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Star Wars...both old and new.

Like millions of other nerds, I'm a big fan of Star Wars.
One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars are the wonderful production illustrations that Ralph McQuarrie created to sell the film to Fox back in the seventies...his designs influenced the final film, but they also had a style that was only represented in the original paintings themselves. Which explaines why the above figures of Artoo Deetoo and See Threepio look so odd. Completed nearly two years ago, I took some of the elements of McQuarrie's initial droid designs and combined them with my own ideas.
For Threepio, I modified a Vampire Hunter D figure, resculpting much of the body to turn the female character into something more androgynous and closer to the Futura Automaton from Metropolis (a major influence on Threepio's design). I added some hands and feet from another figure, and voila! My own take on the protocol droid we know and love (or hate) so well.
Artoo was different. He's composed primarily of a loctite super glue canister, a vending machine dome, some legs from an 'Alien Racers' figure, and some Ichabod Crane accessories for the various attachments. The various panels were made with vinyl, and odds and ends were harvested from my spare parts bucket.
Yoda is included here because he's my latest creation. He's primarily composed of armature wire and cloth, with a head sculpted from Fimo and hands from epoxy putty. He stands about 2 1/2" tall (or thereabouts).


Eric Orchard said...

The weathering on the robots is amazing, they really look like they have been traversing the galaxy and have been through a lot. Artoo's feet(?) are really cool, as though they were over engineered in order to with stand all sorts of stuff. Looking at these pieces now, it's occuring too me how alive they look(all of them), I wouldn't be too suprised if they started moving.

bruce said...

Thanks for the feedback, Eric. I really can't help making things look old and worn out...I think painting and weathering is my favorite aspect of customizing...the figure is dead until I get to the painting phase.

Ambera said...

These are incredible, Bruce! You did such a beautiful job painting them, the antiquated colours are great. They look terrific and uniform as a set...did you do any others?

bruce said...

Thanks for commenting, Ambera. I did indeed make several more...I'll be sure to post this weekend. Sorry for my lack of updates over the past couple of days...I'll be adding more customs on my time off.