Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another AT-ST?

This was completed several months ago. I sold it on eBay, but I was mainly driven to make it because, well, I thought I could do a better job of it than my original, gigantic scale monster. And I really am happier with this smaller version. The overall shape and proportions are far more accurate, the detailing is crisper and, well, more detailed, and I really loved the khaki desert color. Again, it's made from styrene (how I love styrene), and stands over 18" tall.

The top image was taken outside on a beautiful late summer day (it's cold and dead here in Yarmouth town...which I don't mind), the middle image is of the interior before I closed it in, and the bottom image is to give you a sense of scale...that's a 3 3/4" Stormtrooper figure standing next to it. In many respects, I consider this one of my best technical projects, if not all that inspired in terms of design or originality.

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