Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Bucky, the orphaned sidekick of Captain America, isn't really a personal favorite character of mine, but I wanted to give him a shot. Keeping with the style of my Cap, I envisioned Bucky as a young GI who dons an ill-fitting jacket similar to his hero's, fighting alongside him against the Nazis and watching his back at every turn. I tossed the red pants and pirate boots in favor of a more realistic costume, with the jacket being made to look too big for the young and smaller-framed Bucky...he idolizes Cap, and wants to be like him despite his diminunitive appearance. One of the funnest parts of this custom was the scratch-built Tommy gun...made from styrene, this mini-project was quite satisfying.


Eric Orchard said...

Just incredible!The detail on this series is fantastic.

bruce said...

Thanks Eric!