Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Captain America!!

My word! Who is this patriotic fellow, leading the charge against the Axis forces? Why it's none other than the intrepid Captain America! Young Steve Rogers volunteers himself to be injected with an experimental 'super serum' that enhances his physique, speed, and mental capacity to battle Hitler and his unstoppable blitkrieg...and a whole host of masked supermen and wierd mutants, apparently.
Anyway, this fellow was made with a crappy Wolverine figure from a few years back, and a Lord of the Rings figure's head (a ceremonial guard, I believe). The outfit was crafted from fabric and leather, the mask was sculpted from Apoxie Sculpt, and the shield was made from styrene. An interesting note: Captain America, the invention of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, was fighting the Nazis before the US even entered the war...Kirby's cover of Cap punching Hitler in the face caused quite a stir when it first appeared.


Ben Hatke said...

This Captain America is absolutely amazing. What a great costume concept for Cap.

You know, you might want to send these pics to Project Rooftop where they review superhero costume designs.

Keep up the great work.

Ben Hatke

bruce said...

Thanks, Ben.

I never knew that site existed...very cool! I've actually be playing around with superhero designs in this manner for several years...only recently have I dipped back into this sort of thing.

Eric Orchard said...

Another amazing piece Bruce! Man your work has brilliant texture. and Ben's right~these guys are too good not to send out as far as possible.

bruce said...

Thanks for the kind words, Eric...I'm pretty pleased with the costuming on Cap in particular, though I've become more critical of some of the finer details.