Monday, December 29, 2008

General Grievous

Say what you will about the Star Wars Prequels (lord knows I have), but one aspect that has never been lacking in quality is the Lucasfilm Art Department. Some of the designs generated for the three films are simply fantastic, and my personal favorite is that of General Grievous. Warren Fu's design is elegant, frightening, and downright cool. In many respects, I think Fu's work on Grievous is equal to that of Darth Vader and Boba Fett in terms of capturing an original and yet instantly iconic character. This custom is going on three years old, but I consider it to be my best action figure custom to date. It's imperfect and lumpy in parts, but it's also far more ambitious than anything I've attempted in a while (in terms of action figures anyway), and the end result came out far better than I imagined. The last image posted above is the basic structure I used...basically, there are parts from a Spiderman figure, as well as Marvel Legends Elektra legs for the four arms. The torso is from a Daredevil figure, and the head sculpt was grafted onto a Scorpion head. The sculpting compound was epoxy putty...a quick curing and tricky substance that has many drawbacks but sets very quickly and sands to a lovely finish. The exterior plating is very thin styrene sheet, and the light-sabers are acrylic rod with metal tubing hilts. He stands about 9" tall when at full height.

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