Saturday, December 6, 2008

Indiana Jones vs. a Flying Wing!

Raiders of the Lost Ark kicks ass. Out of all the respected, cerebral, provocative, and intelligent films that I've seen and loved, I'm afraid none of them satisfy my tastes in the same way that Raiders's just pure pulp, a stripped down action-adventure that stands as one of the most flawless blockbusters in cinema history. It still stands as my favorite film, because (unlike its sequels) it has an honest heart and an unbridled enthusiasm for its subject matter. It was just before Lucas and Spielberg became cynical and consumed by the profits of their creations as opposed to the sheer thrill of what they were creating, and it shows in the final product. Naturally, since what I do is make models and toys, I felt compelled to create my own incarnation of the Flying Wing to go with the action figures I've been accumulating over 2008. This monstrosity was completed in the summer, from a styrene structure that was extremely complex and time-consuming to create. I'd say that the whole project took about three weeks in total, and taxed all of my skills at one time or another. I've had to part with it recently because of an unanticipated financial requirement...and I have to say I'm pretty sad to see it go. I consider it my best work to date in terms of personal satisfaction...I really had no idea how I was going to pull it off when I started, and it came out better and far more sturdy than I originally expected. Oh well...selling it off means that I get to make it again.

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