Saturday, December 6, 2008

Indiana Jones vs. a Tank

The Last Crusade is a silly, silly movie. But I love it anyway...and one of the reasons why I love it is the massive World War I tank that functions as a major action set piece in the film. Since Hasbro was kind enough to create a great series of action figures from my favorite film series, I knew that I wanted to make to vehicles to accompany them...the Flying Wing from Raiders and the Tank from Last Crusade. This here is my second take on the tank...I made an earlier version that was larger and clunkier, and I wanted to apply the lessons I learned from making that one to a newer and improved version. Styrene sheet, rod, and tonnes of found pieces and miscellaneous fodder went into ths construction of this 'steel beast', and I paid especially close attention to the interior (the first version was much less detailed). The paint job was a lot of was adding the hundreds and hundreds of rivets. I think the best aspect of an involved project like this is learning to slow down and really pay attention to the details...I find I'm very impatient, but detailing requires discipline, and the results tend to be far more satisfactory.

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it is possible to find a blueprint to make the tank in papercraft in hasbro indy scale ? thanks