Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Star Wars!

Artoo and Threepio are the most brilliant aspect of the original Star Wars. Think about how unusual these two characters would have seemed in 1977...they're the ones who take the audience into the action, and they're not even human! In many respects, the droids are the lowest order of sentient life in the Star Wars universe, treated as servants and slaves, yet when left to their own devices begin to develop intelligence and personalities that are the equal of their masters. Artoo in particular stands as one of the best characters of Lucas's creation...he's likable and endearing, and considered cute without being irritating. Anway, these figures are in 1/12 scale (Threepio is 6" tall). Artoo is made from a krazy glue bottle, a vending machine dome, styrene, and vinyl. Threepio is made from a heavily modified Marvel Legends Gambit figure...the body was stripped down witha dremel, than completely resculpted. These two are among my favorites.

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