Saturday, December 6, 2008

So, where have I been?

There is a sizable gap in posts on this blog. I was living in Victoria, but my wife and I decided it was time to come home. I wasn't finding any library work, and she was unsatisfied with her job...she managed to find another one in her field back in ol' Nova we packed up our belongings, our two cats, and took a ten day trek across this massive country of ours (literally from coast to coast...look it up on a map of Canada...from Victoria BC to Halifax NS). It was an amazing experience, really. The highlights were Banff Alberta, Swift Current Saskatchewan (where life makes sense), and Ottawa. We squeezed in a very compressed trek around our nation's capital, saw the Parliament buildings (with a tour from Raphael...thanks Raphael!) and the breathtaking Rideau Canal. But nothing...nothing was as amazing as when we crossed the border from New Brunswick to Nova was such a wonderful feeling to know that we weren't just visiting...we were coming home for good. After that, we finished off the details of our wedding and got married, moved from Halifax to Yarmouth (on the south west tip of the province), and settled into our new life. The best part is that I've actually found library work here...not out west, and not in the provincial capital, but in Yarmouth...a town known for its quiet life and lively lobster fishery. It's not a bad little town, really...though we do miss having family and friends close by. But everything is relative...they're only a 3 1/2 hour drive instead of a 6000 mile journey.


Eric Orchard said...

am so glad you're back!for some reason it announced it as news at the top of my gmail...)

bruce said...

Aye, it's good to be back, Eric. I'm going to give this another customs are more sporadic these days, but I really do want a place that's permanent and easier to navigate.