Saturday, December 6, 2008

A trip to Barsoom

There are few things more absurd than the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Low-brow pulp at its finest, really...but he was extremely inventive, and his Martian tales, following the exploits of John Carter and his kin on the strange and dying planet of Barsoom have captured the imaginations of generations of sci-fi writers. And I hear that Pixar has actually taken on the challenge of adapting these wacky and influential tales to the big screen. If Pixar's reputation for quality holds, I consider myself extremely excited at the prospect. Anyway, the rich visuals of Burroughs' universe have inspired many artists, and have certainly inspired me. I made earlier versions of the main characters a while back, but have since parted with them...and thus, to fill the gap in my collection, I decided to make them again. Tars Tarkas, the massive green Martian of the Thark tribe, is made from wrestling figures and Marvel Legends parts. The head is an original sculpt, and the armament and harness are fodder parts and leather. John Carter himself (seen in the first picture) is pretty weak, in my opinion...I may have to fiddle around with him in the future to make him more to my liking.

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