Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clone Wars!!!

These are a few older ones, made just under two years ago now. I'm resurrecting them here because they're some of my favourite Star Wars customs. I created these as sort of an alternate version of the Clone Wars, something perhaps more in line with how I imagined them before the Prequels came along, but incorporating certain elements from what the final story ended up being (hence the inclusion of Plo Koon and Grievous). First off, I imagined Kenobi as being older. I also imagined the Jedi wearing battle armour (which was certainly used by the Tartakovsky cartoons, and now in the current CGI series). My armour is older and rougher looking, and I liked the idea of each set of armour being unique to each Jedi, almost like they have to craft and forge it themselves (as they do with their lightsabers)...sort of a Medieval rite of passage. Anakin was a character that I imagined as being akin to T.E. Lawrence...a brave and noble figure, romanticized as a Jedi hero but succumbing to his darker urges and bloodlust in battle. The Mandalorian Warrior...well, let's just say that before the Prequels, I imagined armies of these guys being involved in the Clone Wars, but perhaps not quite in the way that was depicted in Episode II. Plo Koon I included because I love his design, and I thought his head woud provide a great sculpting challenge...and he'd be a lot more interesting of a character to make as opposed to another human Jedi. I aim to add to these soon...I want to make a prototype Vader, as well as some long-brewing Clone concepts (along with a few other ideas). I wanted these to have the same antiquated feel that one sees when they look at war technology from WWII and can see the relation to modern technology, but the designs and concepts are rougher and the kinks haven't been worked out yet.


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