Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Darth Vader

Well, here he is! I've made a few customs of ol' Derth Nadir here, but this is my most recent...and (technically) my most polished. He's from this past summer, and was quite labour intensive. The helmet is a 100% original sculpt. The flare/skirt of the helmet (made from styrene) could use to be a bit more pronounced, and some of the details could be sharper, but I'm happy with it for the most part. The sculpting compound was epoxy putty, and was hard to get as smooth as it turned out. The armour on the shoulder/chest and boots is styrene as well, as are the dial switchy chest box thingy (somewhere a nerd is raging at me), belt buckle, and belt doodad box thingys. My favorite part of this custom is the fact that he's wearing corduroy...that's right...corduroy. It was the perfect match for the texture of his suit. Leather belts and straps, and various capes from an old black t-shirt round out the Dark Lord's ensemble. As for the figure underneath...some Spawn parts, some Marvel Legends parts...all fused together for the height, bulk and articulation I desired. The recipe is kind of irrelevant though...you could pretty much use any figure so long as it's tall and you can get some decent poses from him. The lightsaber uses metal tubing, duct tape, and the blade is made from this kick-ass acrylic dowel I buy from Maritime Hobbies and Crafts...it comes in blue, green, and red, and there are various thicknesses...perfect for lightsabers.

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