Wednesday, January 14, 2009

'Look sir, droids!'

Sideshow Toys are awesome...but I have a serious problem with paying over $100 US for an action figure, no matter how nice. So, after seeing their Sandtrooper, I decided to make my own scaled-down, 6" version. I'd like to point out that this custom is both old and new. It is old in that the Stormtrooper custom is from about 3 months he was, I had some issues. Namely, the clunky attachments of the armour, the slightly off-model helmet detailing, and a rough chest plate. But, I decided to alter him by adding the Sandtrooper details (rifle, backpack, pauldron), thus transforming a slightly rough custom into something that could stand to be rougher. The helmet is an original sculpt, the body suit is fabric, and the armour is styrene. The newly added accessories are scratchbuilt with styrene and miscellaneous bits. Who's beneath all of that fabric, epoxy putty, and styrene? Marvel Legends Longshot.

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