Thursday, January 8, 2009

Older Works: Yellowjacket

I'm dippin' into some oldies here. This guy was made over three years ago, and I'm afraid no longer exists...which I regret tremendously. While I'm much happier with the technical aspects of my customizing nowadays, I look at pieces like this and lament the prolific pace of my customs from this time. I was literally making customs every day it seemed, and I was always having lots of fun fiddling about with designs, and trying to adapt crazy superhero mumbo jumbo into something that looks functional and realistic. And the ideas kept on coming. Because of the volume of work I was making, I burned through a lot of characters (like Hank Pym here), and exhausted the potential for myself to interpret and have fun with them. It's almost as if the product is less important to me than the process, yet I work at such a feverish pace sometimes, which seems to be contradictory. But anyway, he was made using a Marvel Legends Bullseye body, a Marvel Legends Ice Man head, the insides of a pen, blister card plastic (for the wings), and some funky boots from a hideous anime figure...the boots really tickled my fancy at the time. The work on the costume is pretty rough and unrefined, but the design is something that I may try to resurrect in a new figure. I like this one alot.

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