Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Believe it or not, this custom is the final culmination of years...that's right....years of experimentation. Refining techniques with various materials, and combining them together to make this exact figure began in 2006, when I sculpted my first stormtrooper helmet from scratch (I'll be posting a 'retrospective' of the evolution of my previous attempts shortly). It was lumpy, ugly, and off model in every way, but it got me started on the desire to make a convincing 1:12 scale stormtrooper, complete with separate armour, cloth-covered joints, and accurate weaponry. I can't say that this guy is perfect...because clearly he isn't (I see many lumps and uneven surfaces...amazing what a digital camera can reveal), but the general effect is precisely what I was going for. Epoxy putty, Apoxie Sculpt, and vinyl were used to make the helmet. Styrene and vinyl make up the armour. The rifle is styrene tubing and sheet, and the body suit is stretchy black fabric from a woman's shirt I picked up at a thrift store. Of course, I now have to revamp my Darth Vader custom.

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