Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stormtroopers Through the Ages

Here's a retrospective of my Stormtrooper customs. I really had no idea that I'd made this many variations until I decided to round up images of my attempts...this may border on obsession. The first image was...my first attempt, around May of 2006. The three in the middle were spread over 2007, and the last one was from this year (which I refitted as the Sandtrooper...see a few posts below this one). Not sure if you can see a progression of ideas or not...but the helmet sculpts are varied and at different levels of refinement (the earliest definitely being the crudest). My favorite of the bunch is the third one...I made it as part of a Custom Con entry with brilliant 'Steampunk' customizer Sillof. Just thought this would make a neat post.


Javi said...

The first and the third ones are my favorites :)
Your work is fantastic!

bruce said...

Thanks, Javi. The first one was my very first attempt. I find it interesting when someone can enjoy a piece of work that I can barely stand to look at...but I guess the crudeness of the sculpt does have personaility. I agree that the third one is probably one of the better efforts...I think the concept really clicked with me, which produced a design that I am still happy with.