Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toht (Ron Cobb Concept)

I've already professed my love for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and my utter glee at the Hasbro figures that were released last year. I wanted to make a custom for this line, but wanted to do something kinda different...and this is what I made. Like Star Wars, there was a lot of preproduction art produced during the scripting phase of the movie. Ron Cobb was the most prolific artists that worked on the film, and one of the cooler ideas that was discarded (thankfully) was the Nazi agent with mechanical arm and bionic eye. The character eventually morphed into Toht, and while the art design and concept tickles my sensibilities, I think Raiders was the wrong movie for such a Sci-Fi element. But...he'd make a great action figure, which is what I did. Using a Colonel Vogel figure as a base, and some parts from a C-3P0 arm, I engineered this creepy fella. The bionic eye and wierd attachments are styrene, the straps are leather, and the articulation in the robotic arm was harvested from Vogel's original arm. It was a tricky little project, but I think it makes for an interesting addition to my Indy display. He was made this past September.


Ben Hatke said...

So cool -I think the eye came out nicely

Have you made Dr. Jones himself yet?

bruce said...

Thanks, Ben.

I may make some wierd attachments for the arm one of these days (a machine gun magazine, sword, etc)...but then again I may not. Hasbro made numerous Indy figures, so I think I'm covered for him. I may one day make a Steranko-inspired version though...that would be extremely fun.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool work !!!