Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adam Strange of Rann

I don't know a blessed thing about Adam Strange...aside from what I read on Wikipedia. As that great pot of knowledge indicates, Strange is basically a thinly veiled riff on John Carter of Mars (as pretty much half of Sci-Fi and comic books are)...a heroic man is being pursued by a group of natives in Peru, whereby he's mysteriously transported to a far away planet called Rann. He's championed as a hero by the people of this strange world, falls in love with a beautiful member of their race, and goes on to have a wide array of wacky exploits. Despite my ignorance of the character's comic history, I have always loved his design. Obviously inspired by Buck Rogers, he has such a classic retro feel that I've always kept him on the back of my mind as a potential custom project. And so here he is. As is often the case, I try to imagine the costume as it might appear in real life, removed from the tights and defined musculature through said tights. I also try to think of what the character would have looked like if Columbia or Republic Pictures made a serial of the character, but slightly more 'big budget.' The head is a really friggin' old Razor Ramone sculpt (I thought the expression and lantern jaw were perfect for a serial actor), the body is a Marvel Legends Banshee, the hands are from a Kaneda figure (from Akira), and the boots are Marvel Legends Bullseye. Cloth, some styrene, leather, a Magneto helmet, and epoxy putty round out the materials. The retro ray gun's my favorite's made from two sizes of styrene rod/tube, and some styrene sheet.

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Eric Orchard said...

Man, everything you do becomes my new favorite. This is amazing, especially the helmet and ray gun. So cool. I've been reading lots of aviator comics lately, love to see you do Sky Wolf or Air Boy!