Monday, February 16, 2009

Rocketeer Redux

These alterations have been a long time coming. The head that I used for my Rocketeer custom was a cast from a Bend-Ems figure that was released in 1991. The rudder/fin of the figure was too short and stubby, but I was always afraid that I'd ruin the helmet if I altered it. Also, the resin cast was obviously made from a mold of a figure who had been chewed by a dog...not good, and as you can see from the first image above (the unaltered original custom), he really needed a new rudder/fin. I very carefully removed the inaccurate rudder with my dremel, and carved a shallow channel into the helmet. I then crafted a new rudder from styrene, glued it into the channel I had made, and filled the gap with Apoxie Sculpt. I also revisited the sculpt on the pants, making the thigh section much more pronounced and added some more realistic folds in the fabric. The boots and arms were smoothed out as well. I sprayed the helmet with some gold paint, weathering it with a mixture of brown and black, then wiping away the excess to leave behind a natural patina. I painted the lenses black, then clearcoated them with Tamiya Clear Gloss Green. The paint job on the Rocket Pack was spiffed up as well...I sprayed it with silver lacquer and cleaned up the paint around the nozzles. This was one of the custom projects that prompted me to make figures in the first place, and my recent reading of the Dave Stevens book inspired me to clean up my original work. I think he looks a lot better.


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