Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not a huge Lobo fan by any means, but my sister's man is...and I did this as a birthday present for him a couple of years ago. I have to say that I'm still very happy with the result. I wanted to capture a certain Simon Bisley-esque quality to the texture and proportions, and the effect was achieved by combining a Marvel Legends Omega Red with a Venom figure...and lots of epoxy putty for sculpting. 2006 saw my most significant output of customs, and the sharpest development of my skills because of it...and while the assembly of this guy was pretty conventional, I doubt that I could do a better job of it now. I'm particularly proud of the wierd hairdo, and the blood spatter was a darkly enjoyable effect that I never tried before. He's not without his flaws and roughs spots...but I like him.


Eric Orchard said...

Looks amazing! the hair is super cool.

bruce said...

Thanks, Eric. The hair was the trickiest part, to be honest.