Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flash Gordon: 2007

Flash Gordon is the prototype for modern science fantasy. Buck Rogers came before him, but Alex Raymond's classically trained artwork and tight, cliffhanger endings made his Flash Gordon strip a cut above, and laid the groundwork for so much of what we consider to be conventional in sci fi and comic book storytelling. The inspiration of Edgar Rice Burroughs is certainly obvious in Flash's story (earthman finds himself stranded on a strange planet (in this case, Mongo), finds that he is an exceptional individual among the natives, and travels the whole planet and encounters exotic people, places, and beasts. The fact that Flash Gordon was also translated into one of the better movie serials doesn't hurt either...Buster Crabbe made the perfect bland hero, and Charles Middleton was fantastic as the devilish Emperor Ming. Michael Hodges' 1980 cheesefest was not without it's charm (Max Von Sydow was awesome as Ming), but wasn't quite as fun as it should have been, obviously making fun of the source material.
These customs were made two years ago. Ming is my favorite out of the bunch, and the rocketship was sort of my first full fledged foray into making a's made from two huge juice bottles, a funnel, and some styrene. In the last picture, you can see that I painted the fins red to jazz it up a bit. Unfortunately, the rocket did not survive my cross-country move. Not my best customs, but I enjoyed making them, and I wanted to include them here for completeness sake.


Eric Orchard said...

This series is incredible, all of the pieces are beautiful. I have to admit to especially loving the rocket ship, it just took my breath away. Gorgeous.

damon said...

wow i love you work it is amazing

Rick said...

Great take on Flash Gordon. I hope you didn't see the recent Scifi channel attempt at this property.;) While it was not perfect in many ways I always thought the Filmation animated Flash Gordon show/film was a pretty faithful adaptation of this property.

Tony said...

I've just come across your blog. The Flash Gordon post was particularly interesting as I was searching for an image of Vultan to model in 40mm.

I have a huge collection of 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures which can be seen on my Blog;

I particularly like the rocketship - but you may want to see how I modeled one in 40mm (about 1/45 - 1/48th scale), see Crashed Rocketship, post heading Flash Gordon.

Regards and I'll keep checking back.


Eric LeFeber said...

Just discovered your blog. All your stuff is great but these are my favorites. Excellent details!

Jorge Tovalín González-Iturbe said...

Oh my god!!! Beautiful work :)

Tomorrow I'll screen Flash Gordon (1980) on a movies marathon at Mexico City.

Loved your Vultan!!!