Friday, September 4, 2009


I needed to get an Ape in goggles, and Cornelius seemed like the best choice. The way I figure it, he's a scientist, anthropologist, and archaeologist, and this outfit that I have him in is what he'd wear while digging up ancient artifacts in the Forbidden Zone. The goggles are useful when he's travelling through the desert terrain (sandstorms, you see). I wanted to echo the chest/shoulder piece that Zaius is wearing, because I figure both him and Cornelius are employed by the Ministry of Science...maybe it's some kind of standard issue uniform. With Cornelius's headsculpt, I wanted him to seem a little friendlier than my first two Apes, so I softened his expression and risked baring his teeth...which is always tricky with a headsculpt. I liked the way it turned out, even if it's on the edge of being goofy. The base figure is a Marvel Legends Gambit with Banshee hands and feet spliced together to make for Chimp feet. I kind of like the way the outfit and goggles look on him, and I sort of imagine him and Zira riding in some sort of rusty hover bike into the desert, looking for evidence of missing links between Ape and Man. I guess I like the idea of pulling in Rod Serling and Pierre Boulle's vision of advanced technology into Ape society. I imagine the Apes living in vast, metallic cities that are built around and between lush jungle seems to me that an Ape would not want to cut down trees to use for wood (except for the Gorilla of course, who's rifle stock is made of wood).


Eric Orchard said...

An ape in goggle?!!! You are a a genius! I love this. Just incredible.Also love the bird painting you did in the nursery...I didn't know you had that kind of range!

bruce said...

To me, it's a natural fit that a chimp would wear goggles. Good to 'hear' from you.