Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius really is one of the greatest cinematic characters ever. I try not to say this from the perspective of a fanboy, or a sci-fi fan...but from a genuine place of admiration for the people who wrote the screenplay. Zaius is a villain, but also something of a misguided hero. His convictions and values run counter to my own, being that he is ultra-conservative in his outlook, and yet his motivations have a very real and reasonable basis. He seeks to supress truth and subject a population of creatures to slavery, and yet he does so because be believes these creatures will inevitably destroy everything in a wave of violence and death. In many respects, Dr. Zaius sees the worst of humanity because, in the universe of Planet of the Apes, it is our worst impulses that triumph over our own survival as a species. And yet...we can't love Dr. Zaius because he ignores all that is potentially good about humanity. What a brilliant character...his ambiguity makes him a classic in so many respects. Anyway, here's my take on the good Doctor. The head is an original sculpt using Aves...I tried to capture more Orangutan than John Chambers make-up, but I also wanted to make the character unmistakable, thus incorporating the beard and haircut. I wanted to capture a pedantic, smug, and academic look, but also have something of a sinister intent in the eyes and facial features. The base figure uses a Spider-Man from many years ago, and the feet are Marvel Legends Magento hands (all the way back from series 2). The suit is the usual fabric and leather. He stands about 6" tall (1:12 scale).

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