Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dr. Zira

Dr. Zira is a great character. Smart, resourceful, courageous, and principled, and given considerable warmth and life by Kim Hunter's performance, she really is the heart of the Apes films. For my custom, I didn't want to try to make a 'sexy' Ape (since that creeps me out), but more wanted to suggest her gender through gesture, expression, and (primarily) through the eyes. I used a Marvel Legends Mystique as a base, with other parts thrown in. The headsculpt was built on top of Mystique's head, so as to utilize the eyes (almost like I was applying Ape prosthetic). So, what you see is mostly original sculpt, with the exception of the shape of the eyes. I wanted her to be wearing a similar outfit to Cornelius, but with her own added accessories. The jacket was a fun departure, and her red medical bag added a touch of color.

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