Monday, September 7, 2009

General Ursus

According to the Internet Movie Database, the role of General Ursus was offered to Orson Welles, who declined it. I guess I see this custom as a "What If?" opportunity, because Welles was the basis of inspiration for my take on Ursus. I love the good General's design, so I didn't really get all that creative with the headgear and armour. The base figure is a Doctor Octopus from a few years back, with extended legs to add height, lots of epoxy putty added to the shoulders, chest, and gut, Punisher gloves (to match the Gorilla Soldier's) and Marvel Legends Cable's boots (because they rock). The head and helmet were sculpted in Apoxie Sculpt and Epoxy Putty, with leather and styrene details making up the armour. Ursus's arsenal was my variation on a double barreled shot gun and a really nasty pistol...I wanted them to look like hunting weapons. This one was a lot of fun.

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Francis said...

I love your ape customs. I'd like to see a movie using your designs. Thank you!