Saturday, May 16, 2009

Imperial Battle Tank

Inspired by Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie's unused designs, I decided to create a Star Wars-ish vehicle of my own. Borrowing very much from established design elements (AT-AT and some of the expanded univerese stuff), I did some sketches to develop a basic battle tank/hover troop transport vehicle. Styrene (sheet, rod, and tube) some plumbing parts, and a big dumb cannon from a cheapo toy were used to make this beast. While perhaps not revolutionary in its design, I had fun making something that is sort of an original from conception to final product. I also want to advance from this point with slightly more challenging shapes, as well as greater and smaller scaled detailing to the interiors and exteriors.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Doc Savage?

Doc Savage...I know thee well. This was done as a request, and I really enjoyed it. Rather than torn shirt, I went with a version of the Man of Bronze before being beaten and maimed by some agent of evil. He's sporting a snazzy action vest, and a scratch-built multi-purpose pistol. Doc always makes for a fun subject.