Friday, November 20, 2009

The Killer Moth Strikes!

Customizer Scott Rogers was the first person who really brought Killer Moth to my attention, as was no doubt the case with many customizers. A second string Batman villain, Killer Moth has had many wacky incarnations of his costume. I really wanted to capture a gritty feel, while also retaining the Silver Age insanity and foolish nature of the character. The result still stands as one of my most disturbing Batman villain customs. This fellow was made a few years ago.

PS - This custom was actually prepared for a CustomCon entry...check out the other amazing customs here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nazi Deathbot

Add this to the pile of old beloved customs that got detsroyed by a half-dozen moves in the past four years. Also, I wanted to post something so that I could get rid of that damn dirty ape as my blog banner image. This custom was based on a pin-up Mike Mignola did for Rocketeer Adventure Magazine, the title of the Rocketeer comic when it shifted to Dark Horse. It's made from a Spider-Man Buzzing Beetle figure, witha peroxide container slapped on and some doo-dads glued here and there. Who doesn't love a giant, killer Nazi Robot? Expect to see small projects and old customs from me for quite a while, as time for tanks and apes is rather scarce these days.