Thursday, January 28, 2010

AT-AT Complete!


Industrial Helix said...

Whoa! Congrats on finishing a massive project!

Rob said...

You do AMAZING work!!! We were given your name from a guy on e-bay. My wife and I are looking for a special kind of builder, and you might be it! Our son is 8 years old, and one of the world's greatest Star Wars fans! He has battled, and so far won, against a brain tumor, and "uses the force" often. :) He is asking for Darth Vader's Devastator Star Destroyer this Christmas from Santa. I think even Santa might need some help on this one....We are wondering what the possibility would be of the creation of a ship like this. Dimensions would be somewhere in the vicinity of 2-3 feet wide, 3-4 feet long, and probably 1-2 feet high. I would really like to discuss some possibilities with you if possible. My email is Thanks!