Friday, March 26, 2010

Batman Serial

The Columbia Pictures Batman serials are awful. That being said, I've always loved the weird, dumpy look to the Lewis Wilson Batman costume...if Bats was real in the forties, I have no doubt that is precisely what he'd look like. This custom was made three years ago as a commissioned piece, around the same time I made many of my other pulp fiction and serial inspired customs. I love that stuff, and Batman has always been my favorite costumed comic book hero, so it was loads of fun to make him. The base figure was a Marvel Legends Bullseye, and the head is a Professor Xavier with an epoxy sculpted mask. The outfit was fabric...I liked the thicker, baggier look to it...almost like rough canvas that was used for military belts and tarps. The shape of the ears and cowl are actually pretty off-model to the old Wilson costume, but otherwise I like how this one turned out. The Joker in the last picture is one of my oldest surviving customs, and predates my use of fabric and leather.

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Rick said...

Very cool take on character. Did you read DC NEW FRONTIER by Darwyn Cooke? His early version of Batman in that story reflected this look. Even some of the other DC heroes had the same feel. Damn cool story and art!