Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small-scale Indiana Jones Projects

Not every custom project has to be an ambitious undertaking. Small-scale modifications can be just as satisfying as a full original sculpt or scratch-build. The frustratingly limited amount of product made for Hasbro's Indiana Jones line was more than I ever dreamed of, but sadly fell short of the line's potential. That being said, there were some solid pieces produced, and just needed a little nudge to make them more to my liking.
Colonel Vogel was repainted from head to toe in acrylics, and I made him a pair of goggles from blister card plastic. Indy's poseable whip was made from cotton covered floral wire.
Cairo dig Indy incorporates the same cloth robe that came with the figure, but I soaked it in watered down white glue and painted and weathered the fabric. I also carved out the portion of the head wrapping under his chin, and made him a headpiece to the staff of Ra and staff from styrene sheet and rod.
The Ark Crate is scratchbuilt from styrene card that I sanded with rough sandpaper to give a wood-grain texture, then painted with spray and acrylic wash, with some serious drybrushing. The Nazi label on the crate was hand painted (I forgot the 'c' in "Deutschen").
The Cargo Truck was good old fashioned dry brushing.
All of these projects were fun, and completed in relatively little time.


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What truck did you use for "Small-scale Indiana Jones Projects" ?
I had found truck in "italeri".

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