Friday, January 22, 2010

McQuarrie/Johnston-Inspired AT-AT Walker

First off, I heard a couple of days ago that Hasbro are pretty much assured of making a Big AT-AT. If I have the means at the time, I will purchase said item. However...I'm also slightly crestfallen that I've spent the better part of a month working on this thing, only to find out that there will be a bigger and fancier version of this beast available within the year. Still...I've been having a lot of obsessive fun picking away at this when baby and wife are asleep...and I should be asleep too. The slow process may also be helping me really develop my skills, picking a mini-project with each two-hour session and giving it my attention. I should like to point out that I'm also exhausted from this process...I'll admit that I want the bloody thing finished so I can get it off my mind. Anyway, my favorite part of this project is squeezing in my own features and creative flourishes, and taking cues from earlier designs and concept sketches. The most obvious inspiration for the profile of my Walker here is Joe Johnston's sketch above...the back turret and shape of the top of the 'body' is definitely his. The two-eyed face of the head/cockpit is lifted from McQuarrie's production paintings. Also, I wanted to include the aspects of toys that I liked the most when I was a space. I never had much use for launching missles or electronics...I liked the space to store figures, weapons, and equipment, so that's been my emphasis here. The interior has a few compartments that have unique features, and will be quite accessible. Still lots more work to do, but the banner image should give you a preview of what the final product will look like.

A little speeder bike from the Outer Rim

This was a little commission that took ages to complete. Lotsa fun though. The fellow who requested it wanted an old junker speeder bike that was being used by an underfunded and forgotten Imperial outpost, perhaps on some backwards planet (like Tatooine...before it became obvious that every important event in the galaxy happened there). Styrene sheet and tube is what you see...a nifty little project. This was completed around mid-December.