Saturday, February 27, 2010

V-35 Speeder

It's hard to believe that there is any corner of the Star Wars galaxy that hasn't already been turned into a piece of merchandise. But, there still are a few details that Hasbro haven't of which is this vehicle here. Just as Luke, Ben and the Droids are entering Mos Eisley, this speeder is seen whizzing by the camera. The design is big, chunky, and a perfect example of the the used, utilitarian universe that Lucas imagined for the first Star Wars aesthetic that was never really recaptured in the other films. Looking at this speeder is kind of like looking at a Detroit-made car from 1986...there's little in the way of attractive design, and it looks completely functional...and it looks like it probably spews some nasty gas fumes as it trundles along the streets of that hive of scum and villainy. It's for this reason that, while the design isn't exciting, it's also inspired as a background vehicle: you totally buy into this fictional environment because of how believable this speeder is as a piece of worn-out hardware. This scratch build is just the exterior that you see...I did it as a favor to a friend, who wanted to fill out a display. He wasn't interested in anything elaborate...just the basic design to add some more authenticity to the background. Much like the original prop, I suppose.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

McQuarrie Snowspeeder Revisited

This one was constructed over a year ago, but I was never satisfied with my original paint job. Since I completed the 'concept' AT-AT, it only seemed appropriate that I revisit this one and make it more to my liking. I masked off the windows, reprimed it, and gave it a rough 'white wash' akin to German tanks during the Second World, quick and dirty camoflage for a snowy environment. The cockpit is by far my favorite interior that I've done. The last image is for scale...the Wes Janson figure is 3 3/4".