Monday, March 29, 2010

A Quick Note

I feel a little guilty posting my older customs...I always feel like I should being creating new output to share. But inspiration has been a bit sparse lately. In a way, looking through the old folders of custom photos on my computer has allowed me to re-evaluate my older custom figures, and I'm finding much that I enjoy. The large scale vehicle projects really do a number on me...the AT-AT being my second most ambitious (second only to the Indiana Jones flying wing), and it totally tapped me of all my resolve. You really have to be committed to a project of that scale to see it through...if you don't, then it sits there on your workbench taunting you (believe me, I know how crazy that sounds...but its true). The figures are shorter projects though...but I mined my favorite subjects years ago, and never really could bring myself to return to many of them for a second go around. A few figures and character have been revisited multiple times (stormtroopers, Batman, and a few others), but usually when I burn through a character, that's it. Also, custom figure making for me became almost automatic...the challenge of the process sort of disappeared, and I was spinning my wheels with the same techniques. I think I may need to reset my approach in some way to see if I can make it fun again.

Mr. Freeze 2006

Back to 2006 for this one. Mr. Freeze is one of those characters that just begs to be redisigned again and again. Added a great deal of gravitas by Paul Dini in the Batman Animated Series, Freeze became one of Batman's best and most tragic foes. My version here was truly an exercise in absurdity...the boots just had to be used, and this seemed like an interesting opportunity. The parts list is long...mostly Marvel Legends and a few random accessories (the giant Ice Pak on his back is from a KISS psycho circus figure). The dome is from a Krazy Glue canister...I loved the way the glue frosted the top of the photographed beautifully. I think I still have this one kicking around in a box somewhere. One of my favorites.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Batman Serial

The Columbia Pictures Batman serials are awful. That being said, I've always loved the weird, dumpy look to the Lewis Wilson Batman costume...if Bats was real in the forties, I have no doubt that is precisely what he'd look like. This custom was made three years ago as a commissioned piece, around the same time I made many of my other pulp fiction and serial inspired customs. I love that stuff, and Batman has always been my favorite costumed comic book hero, so it was loads of fun to make him. The base figure was a Marvel Legends Bullseye, and the head is a Professor Xavier with an epoxy sculpted mask. The outfit was fabric...I liked the thicker, baggier look to it...almost like rough canvas that was used for military belts and tarps. The shape of the ears and cowl are actually pretty off-model to the old Wilson costume, but otherwise I like how this one turned out. The Joker in the last picture is one of my oldest surviving customs, and predates my use of fabric and leather.