Friday, November 19, 2010

Work in Porgress - Rocket Ship

It has been a goodly amount of time since I've worked on a project. Partly because of time, and partly because of a lack of ideas and inspiration. But the idea eventually came, and I had a few hours to myself (very rare)...and I hammered out the basic structure shown in the first image. I knew I wanted to make some sort of crazy steampunkish monstrosity, and after a few dead ends and false starts, I wound up making the skeletal framework into a rocket ship. I plan on making it so that it can work in either a straight up launch configuration, or resting on its belly. I have visions of all kinds of retro-futuristic gobbledygook on the interior, and a butt-load of rivets all over the place. The fun part for me was using some hardware store hinges for the lid to access the interior. I also had fun working out the cone-shaped nose of the spacecraft...lots of trial and error, since I suck at math. The main structure is the easy part...the time and difficulty comes from the detailing (it's also the funnest part). You'll notice an action figure in one of the pictures...he's roughly the size of a GI Joe or Star Wars figure. So yeah...this thing's pretty friggin' big.

Stay Tuned.