Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Third Indy Tank

The blog weirdness continues.

This is not only my third Indy tank, but it is in fact from the third movie. Crazy, eh? I spent about a month or so picking away at this, and managed to incorporate some nifty features. The sponson side guns actually rotate, there is a working periscope, and I managed to incorporate my very own hinge for the turret hatch. This is waaay better than my previous tanks, and as always I learned even more about the subject I was constructing (like the fact that while this tank never existed before it was built for this film, it's actually similar to the Mk. VIII 'international' of which there were only 15 built at the end of the First World War). I also learned that Hatay was indeed a short-lived republic between 1938-39, and that it's depiction in the film is (of course) quite innacurate (it did not have a sultan, as is suggested in the movie). Incidentally, I am selling this tank if anyone is interested.