Friday, June 17, 2011

The Enterprise and Photediting!

My low-level skillz with GIMP photo-editing software!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Every build should up your skill and challenge you. This model is the very essence of all of those things. Lord knows it isn't accurate...B and C deck section's too tall...the sensor array is made from a dollar store wine glass base, and is totally innaccurate, and the thickness of the primary hull is about 1/8 of an inch too thick. The shuttle bay section is definitely not accurate. But you know what? I am pretty proud of this ship...I'd have to say that having this model is like fulfilling one of those life-long ambitions (as stupid as that sounds). I would have lost my mind if I had this when I was ten or eleven...and like so many other things that I do, I'm motivated by what I imagined was possible when I was a kid. This thing is lumpy in places, and far from uniform and perfect...but I'm really glad that I have it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star Destroyer

The Enterprise is coming along (first decals have been laid, still more work to do), but I wanted to mention my next planned project before I began the preparations. I plan on maing a Kenner/Hasbro style Star Destroyer. I haven't settled on the scale, but I want it to be big, but manageable for a kid to play with. The main challenges will be to make it sturdy, have a respectable amount of detail without taking me years to make it, and be modular for storage or shipping. I have no idea how I'm going to do any of these things.

I'm imagining hinged access panels with play set-like sections, rotating gun turrets, and a bridge superstructure that contains a bridge that is at the very least kind of reminiscent of the one from The Empire Strikes Back (including a big window for Darthy to grumpily pace in front of and strangle people and junk).

The angular profile and design will; be a nice change of pace from the dangerous curves of the Enterprise...but beyond that, I'm a little scared of this build. Which makes it exciting.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost there...

Decals, weathering, and some masking and painting are left (as well as some nice pictures...these ones are not the best), but the Enterprise is almost there.

A few added notes:

  • The overall grey color is a Krylon Spray Bomb called Pewter has a nice, green-blue hint to it that I think is perfect for the Enterprise...perhaps not studio model accurate, but pretty darn sharp looking.

  • I may revisit the work on the windows...I base-coated the ship silver, masked off the windows with Tamiya tape, and the top-coated. The windows look great when light is glancing off of them, but they all but disappear into the grey hull otherwise. My solution will probably be to cut a large number of rectangles from very thin styrene and glue them to the surface of the hull.

  • The sensor array/dish is made from a dollar store wine glass...I removed the base of the pedestal, cut it down, and built up the middle with plumbers epoxy. The little pin/nub/tip is styrene tubing. It is by far one of the rougher aspects of the model, and I may re-visit it in the future.

  • One of the aspects of the model that is really bugging me is the phaser emitter base, and the conical part of the primary hull. The emitter/dome should be sitting on a plateau of sorts, instead of tapering directly into the emitter.

Having said that, I'm quite pleased with the results thus far. It was a real bastard of a build, but also a lot of fun.