Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bridge Update - breaking it to make it better!

I had attached a bunch of the sections together, and in theory they should have all fit like a puzzle. But that is not what happened. There were massive gaps between the viewscreen, weapons checkout station, and navigation and Spock's station (see first picture in above sequence). I realized the only way to fix this was to essentially crack open some of my work very carefully, and separate the consoles from the walk way. I held my breath during the operation, but I'm glad I did this...the fit will be much tighter, and the continuous walk way looks MUCH better. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do something drastic to fix a project like this.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A note on the use of the Internet in a project like the Bridge

Hi there! I just wanted to draw attention to a few items. First off, the Bridge model I'm working on is loaded with images and graphics that I have converted into custom decals. These images did not spring forth from the ether, nor did I design and create them all. They are culled from photographs, as well as from custom design graphics that were created by artists scattered around the Internet, which I have had no hand in creating.

First up, I want to direct you all to the Star Trek Prop Authority, an amazing resource that catalogues thousands of great images of Star Trek props, costumes, models, and everything else. The images he has amassed of the various small readout screens of the Bridge provided the backbone of my decaling, which to me is all the more authentic because they are actual pictures of the original props.

Next up is LIBRCOMP, a user on deviantART who created some very crisp and hard to find images I needed to complete the effect of an authentic Enterpise. Of particulat interest are the 'Condition Alert' screen, the black field with multicolord lines that was so frequently seen on the overhead viewers during the show, and a few unique smaller readout displays.

One decal/image that I cannot find the creator of is the astrogator display. I found it here and it was a huge coup, because I was not having any luck pulling a nice clean image to make it a decent looking detail.

Last but not least, the master of the bridge display, Feek61, who has actually created animated displays from scratch. I didn't knowingly use his images for my bridge, but his work has been pilferred by others because of how accurate and awesome it is, and his forum did provide a lot of helpful information.

The Internet would not exist without people providing can be easy to simply ignore the work that goes into something and not give credit. There are no doubt images that I have used that still need a proper credit (overheard viewer displays, viewscreen images), but I wanted to acknowledge these guys...without them, my Bridge would be pretty sad looking (or look even more sad than it does, if you take my meaning).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridge Progress

The Bridge couldn't stay down! I've been alternating between a couple of projects, and have been sitting on my bridge progress for a while, but the work I did on the viewscreen was too exciting for me not to post. I printed a bunch of images from the Original Series show onto card stock, resized and printed them, and stuck them to the outer shell of the bridge. And voila! Instant viewscreen images! The cool thing is that when the viewscreen pictures are not in place, it offers a peep hole into the completed diorama. Gotta love low-tech!