Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Beetle - Circa 2005

I always loved the Blue Beetle's design. An early experiment with fabric, some leather work, a modified Gambit head on a Bullseye body, and you have a vintage serial style Blue Beetle.


42 DAYS said...

THIS was one of the figures that got me to expand my thinking on how to approach custom figures. It was THIS one! The entire figure is perfect in both design and execution. I still regard this as one of your finest pieces and that's saying alot! I still have pics of this one saved to my hard drive. Glad to see you posting some of these archival figures!

Matt Hancock

comicking92 said...

This, all of your custom figures are so awesome! Never stop making these amazing customs, please.

bruce said...

Thanks, Matt. These are indeed archival works...I noticed that many of the image links on my Fwoosh thread are deactivated. As I go back and re-activate, I realized just how much of my insane custom output from that time was not on my own blog!

Thanks comicking92...glad you dig this stuff.

Matt 'Iron-Cow' Cauley said...

REALLY nice! Great to see you back in action! (Well, with the customs, that is. Your professional work is inspiring beyond belief!)

Love the new additions. Hoping to see some more!

aka Iron-Cow

Sean Regalado said...

I love this one. What did you use for the goggles?

bruce said...

Thanks guys.

Sean, the goggles are scratch-made from leather and vinyl.