Monday, August 20, 2012

Set sail with the Gorgon!

My little guy has been on a Pirate kick for quite a all started in June when he dug out the pirate hat that came with last year's cheap Halloween costume. Needless to say, I thought this was pretty cool. It started the wheels turning on a long gestating desire to build a great big sail ship, and I figured if I built it sturdily enough, my son could play with it. I completed this beastie at the beginning of July, and am happy to say that it has withstood daily play from a very eager little sea monster. The whole thing is scratch built from styrene with wooden dowels for the masts, old bed sheet for the sails, and twine for the rigging. It took just over a month to complete (I'll post work in progress in a few moments). I think this is my favorite project to date, simply because I made it for my kid and he gets so much enjoyment out of it.

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Pack Rat Studios said...

Awesome! That came out amazing!