Monday, April 9, 2012

Captain Britain - Circa 2006

Lord knows the whole recipe list for this custom! Kingdom Come Superman parts, Marvel Legends Captain America, lots of epoxy putty for sculpted details, leather work, an Evil Ash sword, and some vinyl and plastic card for the shield. This one got ebayed I believe.

Blue Beetle - Circa 2005

I always loved the Blue Beetle's design. An early experiment with fabric, some leather work, a modified Gambit head on a Bullseye body, and you have a vintage serial style Blue Beetle.

Wonder Woman - Circa 2005

Another oldie! Combines DC Direct Kingdom Come Wonder Woman head and hands, Marvel Legends Elektra torso, mystery legs, sculpt and leather hybrid chest detailing, leather costuming, and a repainted Lord of the Rings Boromir shield. This one was given as a trade not long after it was made. I like the look of this figure...always have.

The Mighty Thor - Circa 2006

Another oldie! Again, this was made in 2006, and uses Marvel Legends and Lord of the Rings parts. The beard was sculpted, as was much of the hair. Mjolnir was made from a length of hard plastic tube, epoxy putty for the head, and some leather strip. The tunic and cape are leather, and the fur lining the cape is from a Spawn figure I believe. I eBayed this one a couple of years ago when money was tight (but when isn't it?). Figured I'd post it here seeing as how the big shiny Avengers movie is just around the corner.

Adam West Batman - Circa 2006

Since I haven't had much time as of late, I figured I'd dip back into the past and update with an oldie...Adam West Batman! The base figure is a DC Direct Superfriends Lex Luthor, modified with epoxy putty, vinyl, and a beautiful fabric that was 'donated' by a fellow named Martin from England. I made this custom in 2006, which scares the crap out of me because that was six years ago! Why am I posting this specific custom now? I caught an episode of Batman '66 a few nights ago, and my wife (who has never seen the show before) was laughing out loud. Of course she was the episode where Batman does the famous Batusi! The past couple of decades have not been kind to this show, but I think its actually quite amazing. Sure, I love the Nolan films, and I appreciate the depth given to the character by the finest creators of modern comics, but Batman '66 reflected the Silver Age comics perfectly, and really was a live-action recreation of Carmine Infantino's artwork. Besides...the Barris Batmobile is fantastic. I'd take an episode of this show before any of the Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher films any day. I still have this custom too...he represents a stylistic departure from my usual work during this very prolific period.