Friday, May 11, 2012

Superman and Lex Luthor - Circa 2005

A few more vintage figures for completeness.  I made these seven years ago (NUTS!). The Lex I'm happy with, but the Superman, while I liked at the time, came out a little too Civil War for me.  I dig the proportions, and the Namor head I used for Supes is one of my favorite head modifications, but I think a redesign for Superman should be more Sci-Fi or alien.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rocketeer 2012

Its been a looong time since I did any custom work, and even longer since I made a figure.  Despite the fact that I have a few outstanding works for other people, I wanted to ease back into it with a project that’s been percolating for ages.  While I liked my Rocketeer custom, I was always wanted to improve upon it, as well as actually make a decent scratch-build of the helmet. 

The figure was a Spider-Man at one time in the distant past.  I spliced on some Bullseye boots, LOTR Denethor hands, and clothed him in some fabric...the jacket is made from some thin material that has a leathery texture (thanks phinny), allowing for greater range of motion, and scales better.  The pants were made from some stretchy material that unfortunately pilled up when painted...I’m not too happy with the texture.  The helmet is pure epoxy putty that has been sanded and smoothed, with styrene fin and intakes, and fishing line for the art deco styling on the side.  The recessed lenses and breathing grate were achieved by applying masking tape to those areas, spraying several layers of primer, and removing the masking tape once the primer had dried.  There was enough of a recess in the paint to distinguish the lines.

The “Cirrus X-5” (as opposed to the X-3), was made from a plumber fitting, a plastic vial for the dome top, some styrene rod chopped up for the little rivets, fodder bits,  and some strips of vinyl.  I sprayed it with metallic silver, and accented it with antique gold.  I outfitted the bottom booster with a narrow channel to accommodate a flame chunk from a Marvel Legends War Machine.