Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Day Cardboard Sail Barge

When I initially showed my oldest son the Star Wars movies, I stuck with the first one for a while.  He was pretty young, and I will admit to distracting him during a few scenes.  After a while, I opted to let him watch the whole thing...there are some dark and scary moments, but like all fairy tales, Star Wars is a safe and imaginary place to explore the concepts of loss, violence, and the concept of corrupted authority.  Its also awesome because it has space ships.
After a while, Empire and Jedi made it into the rotation, and despite the Rancor and Wampa sequences (which he is aware of from a story book and my various making-of books), my son watches both movies.  But his favorite is Jedi.  The same was the case for me when I was little, since it was the most visually spectacular and had the most elaborate action and effects.  It was also cool seeing Luke as a more self-assured character.  Far and away though, my little guy's favorite scene is the sail barge battle, and he has said many times how we should make one.  So...we did!  I finished this up late last week (my little guy cut out shapes, helped draw the templates, glued things, and spray painted the bright red sails), and am finally getting around to post it here (after recovering from a nasty bug).  What you see is made from corrugated cardboard, cereal box, carpenters' glue, masking tape and duct tape.  Super cheap is the way to go. 
As with the Star Destroyer, I focused on making this sturdy, fast, and as easy as possible.  The result is a mile away from screen accurate, but it cuts the right shape, has all kinds of play value, and for something that was knocked together in a few days, works like a charm.  Though my son still feels it needs more hatches, and he's already thinking about how we're going to make the Skiff and the Sarlacc.

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